Please consider scheduling us for:

Evangelistic Services
I emphasize three parts to preaching: explanation, illustration, and application of the Word of God (Eze. 3:11).

Special Music
My wife and I can provide traditional, God-honoring, special music at your request.

Youth Rallies
The Lord has given me a heart for youth. We have seen many youth come to Christ and be stirred to serve Him. We have a seemingly endless resource of skits and games as well.

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As a pastor for over 30 years, I know the trial, heartaches, and challenges of ministry. I also know the joys, victories and mountain tops that a pastor will experience. Many times I looked forward to “revival services” with great hope and expectation for months in advance. I thought, "If only our congregation can hear a certain evangelist, they will have revival". There were a few times when meetings concluded that I felt the Lord truly revived us again. However, there were several times when the meetings ended, I thought that it was just a burden on our church and my family. I prayed and prepared yet there seemed to be very little evidence that the meetings were effective. After careful and prayerful evaluation, I came to several conclusions:
· We cannot schedule revival
· People are more stiff-necked
· Preaching has changed
  • We understand completely that revival is something God brings and not something that we schedule. We only schedule meetings.
  • We are well aware of the fact that our generation is more wicked than the previous (II Timothy 3:13).
  • However, we must be honest as preachers and admit that preaching isn’t the same. Even evangelists have changed. I remember evangelistic meetings when people repented to the Lord and each other. I remember services when entire families reconciled with each other or people came to the pastor to apologize (in tears). I remember messages that dealt with our relationships with: God, family, church, pastor, friends, and the lost. I remember my disappointment as a pastor when the evangelist was so deep that Bible College professors would have to study to understand and the attendance went down every night.
Pastor, I will work hard, pray hard, preach hard, and depend upon the Lord for the results (I Corinthians 3:6-7).